Plugging One Hole at a Time

Those of you on the fence, it's time for some straight talk. Our communites, our towns, our states, and our country are desperate for life-giving honesty and courage. It's becoming clear that we can't look for it from many of our elected leaders, so instead we turn our eyes and ears to our fellow neighbors … Continue reading Plugging One Hole at a Time

A Side Benefit

It's unfortunate that it took this pandemic to finally get people to wake up to how crooked and ineffectual WHO has been for years, but this is a good piece on why Trump is exactly right to suspend funding for WHO.

Solution: Lock Down Nursing Homes and Hospitals

It's easy to merely point out errors and mistakes in the expert models and leadership decisions right now, but producing viable alternative methods to deal with COVID-19 aren't so easy. And some of those decisions really will require a lot of careful wisdom... That being said, we have numerous reports from all over the world … Continue reading Solution: Lock Down Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Fool Me Once

Get this: the experts at IHME, who badly mangled their projections of the supposed nationwide healthcare crisis, now want to go back and predict the past. And we're supposed to take their calculations seriously. Riiiiiight. The heat is now being applied to convince us that not only did the shutdowns work, we should have done … Continue reading Fool Me Once