Solution: Lock Down Nursing Homes and Hospitals

It’s easy to merely point out errors and mistakes in the expert models and leadership decisions right now, but producing viable alternative methods to deal with COVID-19 aren’t so easy. And some of those decisions really will require a lot of careful wisdom…

That being said, we have numerous reports from all over the world that the most dangerous place for the Wuhan Virus is in long-term care facilities for the elderly. In Minnesota yesterday, for example, all eight deaths were from those places. And in Europe, about 50% of deaths are from nursing homes.

Rather than shut down everything, it seems obvious that the best approach is to protect our elderly in their residences. Kids going to school aren’t in danger at all, and don’t endanger the elderly. In fact, we want kids to get it so they can build up herd immunity now which will protect our older citizens when the next wave of COVID hits.

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