A Word About Those Protesters

As more and more American people find their collective voice and begin to flex their civic muscle, pushback is coming from those who are as of yet unwilling to consider that the lock-downs have been, in the words of Brit Hume, “a colossal public policy failure”. And of course, immediately some are calling the protesters just a bunch of redneck Trump supporters focused more on his re-election than the issue at hand. They find the lone Confederate flag at a rally and focus their attention on that, or they make up claims about swastikas.

I attended the protest last week here in Minnesota at the governor’s mansion. It was informative. Yes, there were some clowns who clearly adapt quickly to any chance to promote Trump or denigrate a Democrat. They would have been outside the mansion no matter the cause, swinging their bullhorn back and forth. They are the type that have a storage room out back full of various professional protest equipment, depending on the need. But what I also saw, in droves, were regular people, clearly not at home in a protest environment but standing silently and firmly with their little homemade signs, scrawled in permanent ink with their very personal concerns. Democrats, Republicans, and independents, finding a common cause together. It was moving to see.

Fools may disparage these rallies, but if they took the time to actually look beyond the slogans and Trump signs, they would see the pain and suffering represented there. People who are merely trying to save their loved ones, their jobs, and the lives they’ve spent a lifetime building.